Where to find hotels.com discount code?

It’s March currently and it’s unbelievable that time flies. It just feel likes 2014 has just been over and we are already in the third month in the year. Work has been busy lately and it’s about time to go travelling again. When booking hotels, I always look for hotels.com discount code to ensure I save the most for my trip. I also look for special flight deals or complete packages from time to time.

There are many sites that offer coupons or deals from time to time. It’s simply matter of time to catch these opportunities. The discounted price compared with the regular price can simply be quite significant. It is simply worth to be more patient so the money can be spent on other leisure activities or tours.

There are many fine destinations to go including Thailand, Phillipines, Korea as well as Malaysia. Planning a trip simply takes plenty of time and effort to ensure the trip is smooth with minimal surprises.

Europe is also a great area to explore but it can be quite expensive. If the MWC is held at Europe again, it might be worth flying there so when work is completed, there will be some time to explore around. Other interesting places including Madrid, Rome, Naples, Nice as well as several other beautiful Europe cities.

It is simply best of fly during the low season since there will be less people and the overall cost for the trip will be much lower. Again, it is worthwhile to wait and see the deals that are offered from travel agencies from time to time.

The best time to travel is likely to be in the spring where the temperature will be much more mild in most places. Visiting in Winter can have its benefits such as skiing or when there are Winter sports to participate.

Speaking of Winter Sports, it is quite common for athletes to take along their action camera to film their own activity in action. The most popular action camera in the market seems to be  the GoPro Hero. Many major sport league have now partnered with the company to film the live play in action.

Is S6 or S6 Edge worth getting?

At Mobile World Conference, Samsung has unveiled two version of its new flagship product, the S6 and the S6 Edge. These models undeniably have a very sleek appearance and its apparent Samsung is trying to tackle Apple head on with improved appearance and specification. With the release of S6, Samsung is trying to regain the mobile world’s crowd attention after the S5 has failed to impress.

In the fourth quarter, Apple has bypassed Samsung as the leading smartphone  producer with record breaking sales with iphone and iphone 6.

Some of key Samsung’s S6 feature include metallic casing as well as Gorilla Glass that featured on the front and back of the phone. In terms of apps, a number of unpopular ones have been removed to ensure more memory is available for other use. Unfortunately, in this new phone, due to the metallic casing, the battery cannot be replaced and there is no SD Card support. However, the wireless charging capability has improved and and a separate device used for charging is not required.

Apparently many are disappointed that the microSD card slot is removed. Additional storage space will come at a higher price. It is clear that the dual edge display is not justified for a premium price that is even higher than Apple iPhone. Many simply prefers the Note series features. The lack of microSD card can be an issue especially for those who likes to take a lot of photos.

Some may hail that it’s a good strategic move that Samsung has ditched the durable plastic cover and went along with the more stylish and premium aluminum and glass look. This new look does remind many of the iPhone 6 design.

The key features of Samsung S6 include embedded battery, camera quick launch, smart fingerprint scanning, wireless charging, quick charging. Unfortunately, the phone is not water proof and like the iPhone 6, does not support external microSD card. However, the device will be shipped with the latest Android OS, Lollipop 5.0.

In addition to new smartphone, Samsung also has unveiled its new smartphone wallet system known as <a href=”http://www.cnet.com/news/samsung-answers-apple-with-galaxy-s6-s6-edge-samsung-pay/”>Samsung Pay</a>. A technology is added to the device called Magnetic Secure Transmission to allow the swiping of credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.


Mobile World Conference 2015

Mobile World Conference is coming up soon and the event will held at March 1st at Barcelona Spain. Major mobile brands will be revealing for the first time their main flagship product for 2015. Samsung will be announcing their S6 and S6 Edge and HTC will be unveiling their newest smartphone model, the HTC One M9.

There are plenty of news, rumors and stories on what Samsung will bring to the table this year. Apparently, there are several confirmed sources that there will be two models for the S6, the regular one and the model with two edges. The edge design resembles closely to what Samsung Note Edge looks like. There’s no doubt that S6 will feature better hardware  including more storage, faster processor as well as higher amount of RAM. There’s also confirmed reports that the device will sport a 16MP front camera and the price will be north of 1000 Euro.

The price point of S6 is significantly much higher than its predecessor the S5 and even higher than Apple’s iPhone. With this price, many will wonder why they should pay more for S6 compared to the iPhone. Perhaps there are other undisclosed innovation or feature that is packed on the S6 that is yet to be revealed.

Other brand that will be showcasing it’s flagship phone includes HTC. Apparently, Sony will not be debuting it Xperia Z4 in this conference. LG will also reveal its next top of the line model, LG G4,  weeks after the MWC. These new releases will likely sports a list of specifcation that is similar if not better than the current generation of smartphones.

Other than mobile phones, many are anticipating of Apple’s new iWatch. It is likely there will be an event held by Apple to officially announce the price, feature and release date of this exotic new gadget. Apparently, health apps will be one of the hottest selling point of this new device. Many of the function might not be available in the actual release according to some of the reports due to the inaccuracy of the sensor and other issues.